We are very much present in East & West Africa, Far East, Srilanka, Afghanistan, Middle East and CIS countries and rapidly expanding to new venues. In wake of todays need to provide health awareness and remedial solutions to health community we are destined to headway our marketing efforts and our value-added presence as well.

Indus Pharma believes that if a human being is healthy he or she merits to yield healthy. In line of our basic philosophy that is to provide health solutions to masses we recently introduced a unique infant formula (Baby milk) in our local market. This infant formula is a premium brand among peers and totally manufactured by Lactalis France for Indus, we are also hosting this labelled brand to international market.

Sky is the limit, in line of keeping our promises to make available remedial solutions to masses for their health matters we intend to expand in the consumer side products as well. We have already taken few of the European products on board and also intend to expand this portfolio to international venues.

For Export related matters and queries, contact us : export@indus-pharma.com